Nocturnal Salon
wood, silk, fishline, UV-lights
450x520 cm


The work Nocturnal Salon is a work commissioned by Bikubenfonden and Roskilde Festival. 

Curator at Roskilde Festival Ida Schyum wrote about the work:

"The artist Viktoria Wendel Skousen has created a portal leading from Art Zone to Orange Stage and decorated it with squares of silk. The fabrics are hung in the same composition as artworks were in the 18th century exhibitions. During daytime, their open and shiny white surfaces will form a vacuum of silence contrasting the visual chaos one is otherwise surrounded by at the festival. At nighttime the squares will be lit up by futuristic UV lights. Below the piece, people will flow in the direction of the different concerts, just like the light on the fabric will draw the area's nocturnal insects towards it from the dark. Hence, it illustrates the human species' eagerness to run towards the future's dead end, similar to moths that fly unknowingly towards the dangerous light."